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Shell Omala S2 G 320 20 liter bucket

Oils for Industrial Gears



Oils for Industrial Gears


Shell Omala S2 G are high quality extreme pressure oils designed primarily for the lubrication of heavy-duty industrial gears. Their ability to support heavy loads together with anti-friction features offer superior performance in gear use.

Other information

• Industrial gear systems in crankcase
Shell Omala S2 G are formulated with an effective package of sulfur-phosphorus additives ensuring extreme pressure performance that allows safe applications in most gearboxes in industrial crankcases with straight and helical steel gears.
• Highly loaded gears Shell Omala S2 G have a complete and effective package of extreme pressure (EP) additives which allows them to be used in highly loaded gear systems.
• Other applications Shell Omala S2 G are indicated for the lubrication of bearings and other components in circulation and flapping lubricated systems.
For highly loaded worm gearboxes we suggest the use of the Shell Omala “W” range. The dedicated Shell Spirax Oil range should be used for automotive-grade hypoid gears.

Specifications and Approvals
ISO 12925-1 Type CKD, except ISO 680-1000
ISO 680 meets CKC
DIN 51517- Part 3 (CLP), except ISO 1000
AGMA 9005- EO2 (EP)
US Steel 224
David Brown S1.53.101,102,103,104
MAG (Cincinati Machine) P34,35,59,63, 74, 76-78

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