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Diesel engine additive - ROTHEN EVOLUTION DIESEL - 1 Liter - Add. Fuel

Additivo per carburanti per motori diesel

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Additive for fuels for diesel engines


ROTHEN EVOLUZIONE DIESEL is a multifunctional additive specific for treatment

of diesel fuel.


Protective properties

ROTHEN EVOLUZIONE DIESEL guarantees protection of the injection system, protecting it from oxidation and corrosion.

Detergent power

The additive package that enriches the ROTHEN EVOLUZIONE DIESEL formulation includes detergents designed to ensure the cleanliness of the mechanical parts of the engine, in particular the warmer ones.

Increased cetane number

Thanks to this property, the combustion process is optimized and, consequently, the emissions of pollutants, smoke and particulates are reduced.

Absence of ashes

The special additives present guarantee excellent performance, ensuring high compatibility with catalytic converters.

Emulsifying properties

The dispersion of water in the form of an emulsion is favored, allowing the formation of aqueous deposits to be avoided.


The product must be added directly into the fuel tank before refueling.

Regular use of DIESEL ROTHEN EVOLUTION allows you to:

- reduce diesel consumption (approximately 2-4%);

- increase engine power and performance;

- reduce smokiness and emissions and, therefore, the environmental impact;

- increase the service life of the engine;

- eliminate dangerous water deposits from the fuel tank and the fuel system.

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