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Rothen 05 Plus multifunctional additive Total Protection - 5 liters

Additive for multifunctional / multi-seasonal diesel engines with biocide

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Rothen multifunctional additive 05 Plus Total protection - 5 liters - Super Offer


Multifunctional diesel additive


ROTHEN 05 PLUS is a multifunctional additive specific for automotive diesel fuels; its use ensures maximum protection of the injection equipment and prevents the formation of microorganisms.


ROTHEN 05 PLUS can be used with all diesel fuels. It is compatible with all exhaust gas treatment systems.


The product should be used at a rate of 1-3 ‰ (per thousand) in addition to fuel, before refueling or directly in the storage tank.


The use of ROTHEN 05 PLUS ensures the following benefits:

- Engine cleaning A special detergent and dispersant additivation allows to prevent the formation of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and to disintegrate and make easier the old incrustations;

- Cold fuel behavior ROTHEN 05 PLUS improves fuel behavior at low temperatures. In particular, it lowers the cloud point, the pour point and the filterability limit temperature. Facilitates cold starting of engines during the winter season or in harsh climates;

- Cleaning the fuel system

Regular use of ROTHEN 05 PLUS, preventing the separation of the paraffins present in the diesel fuel, avoids clogging and obstruction of the fuel system and, in particular, of the injectors;

- Antioxidant power

Added to the diesel fuel in the storage tank, it inhibits the oxidation processes and the formation of gummy deposits;

- Biocidal power

ROTHEN 05 PLUS ensures an inhibiting action on corrosive processes and bacterial growth in gas oils during long periods of storage in tanks and seasonal stops in vehicle tanks. Laboratory tests have shown that ROTHEN 05 PLUS - TOTAL PROTECTION, added to 2 ‰ in the automotive diesel, lowers the pour point typically from -12 ° C to -20 ° C.


Regular use of ROTHEN 05 PLUS:

- counteracts the negative effects caused by low temperatures;

- reduces fuel consumption;

- contains smoke and emissions;

- increases engine life;

- prevents biological degradation and the formation of muddy deposits

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