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Fiamm Batteries

Fiamm is constantly engaged in the search for new solutions for the production of car batteries, the company has strengthened its commitment to the innovation of products and production processes, being able today to count on different innovative solutions for the new needs of cars , from batteries with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology to those with AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) technology.

Fiamm batteries

The auto fiamm battery catalog is made up of three battery families with different production technologies:

Car battery fiamm AGM VRLA:

The main feature that distinguishes a Fiamm AGM VRLA battery from a traditional one is the gas recombination technology. In a traditional lead battery, and therefore with free acid, during the recharging phase there is the dissociation of water in hydrogen and oxygen. The two gases come out of the caps, while the electrolyte level in the battery decreases. A Fiamm AGM VRLA car battery, on the other hand, uses the recombination principle. Thanks to a special microporous separator (Absorbent Glass Material), impregnated with a controlled quantity of electrolyte, the oxygen released by the positive plate following the dissociation of the water, during the refilling phase, can migrate to the negative one, from which it is fixed and then recombines with hydrogen, restoring the water that had dissociated. In this way an electrochemical cycle is closed, in principle, without any emission of gas outside and without consumption of water.
The Fiamm car battery with AGM VRLA technology is ideal for those applications that require maximum inrush current, extreme resistance to charge and discharge cycles, no maintenance and no leakage of liquid and gas.

Fiamm AFB car batteries:

The Fiamm car battery with AFB® technology has been specially developed for applications on Start & Stop cars.
This family of batteries has therefore been developed for those applications where a high resistance to charge and discharge cycles, a high starting point, a longer life cycle than batteries with traditional technology and no maintenance are required.
The FIAMM ecoFORCE AFB® batteries are characterized by the grids made with a special alloy Lead Calcium, Tin, negative active mass with increased Carbon

Fiam Free Acid batteries:

The traditional Lead (free acid) technology is ideal for all those starting applications of cars or heavy vehicles where high starting power is required, in particular at low temperatures.
They are classified as Maintenance-free batteries (PbCa Technology) which are mainly used on cars, and with low maintenance (PbSb-PbCa Hybrid Technology) intended for heavy-duty service on trucks, buses and tractors, where higher performance is required discharge / charge cycles and greater resistance to vibrations.

Fiamm catalog

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