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Synthetic additive for gearboxes and limited slip differentials



Additive for transmission oil


ROTHEN STARK is a multifunctional preparation consisting of anti-wear additives, grease-free agents, friction modifiers and high shear-resistant polymers.


ROTHEN STARK can be used as a multifunctional additive for the treatment of gearboxes and differentials of cars, trucks, construction machinery and agriculture, equipped with both diesel and petrol engines.
It is particularly recommended in the following cases:

  • lowering of performance caused by excessive and / or premature wear;
  • high level of vibrations and noise of the vehicle;
  • excessive fuel consumption.

Regular use of ROTHEN STARK prevents the aforementioned problems from occurring, ensuring greater mileage and durability of the transmission parts.


The product must be added directly to the lubricant in use in the percentage of 20-30% .ROTHEN STARK is compatible and miscible with all lubricants for mineral-based transmissions.


Greasy and EP properties

The presence of additives with high performance greasing and extreme pressures allows to give the lubricant to which it is added positive characteristics that result in greater driving comfort, easy gear shifting and more agile driving at high speeds and in the case of high loads.

High viscosity index

The polymers characterized by a high shear strength, present in ROTHEN STARK, allow to restore the deteriorated viscosimetric characteristics due to the thermal and mechanical stresses suffered by the transmission lubricant during use.

Friction modifier and anti-wear properties
The ability to reduce friction ensures better performance of power transmission and energy savings which translates into a reduction in fuel consumption. The anti-wear additives present protect the worn organs extending the average life.

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