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Multifunctional additive specific for worn engines. With antioxidant additives, anti-wear, detergents, friction modifiers and high shear-resistant polymers.



Additive for engine oil


ROTHEN SPECIAL is a multifunctional preparation made up of antioxidant additives, antiwear, detergents, friction modifiers and high shear resistant polymers. It has been specifically designed for the treatment of both diesel and petrol engines, even of the new generation.


ROTHEN SPECIAL can be used as a multifunctional additive for both diesel and petrol engines. It is particularly recommended in the following cases:

  • Regular use of the product prevents the aforementioned problems from occurring, ensuring greater mileage and engine life. lowering of performance caused by excessive and / or premature wear; high engine noise level;
  • decrease in pressure and excessive consumption of oil;
  • excessive exhaust fumes; loss of compression.


The product must be added directly to the lubricant used in the percentage of 20-30%. ROTHEN SPECIAL is compatible with both mineral-based and synthetic lubricants.


The detergents present in the additive package allow the restoration of the essentiality reserve essential for the neutralization of strong acids coming from combustion, avoiding an early chemical wear (fretting corrosion). ROTHEN SPECIAL renews the lubricant's ability to block the oxidation processes that would cause its irreversible degradation with loss of fundamental performance. Increased Polymers characterized by a high shear strength increase the capacity of the lubricant to contain the decrease in viscosity following an increase in temperature. As a result, the heat seal increases, the leakage is reduced, compression is improved and consumption is reduced. Even the possible noise would benefit from it. The ability to reduce friction ensures better engine performance and energy savings. Strong detergency Antioxidant power of the viscosity index Friction modifier and anti-wear

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