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Motor oil 5w30 Shell Helix HX7 Professional AF (A1 / B1, M2C-913A / B) 5W-30 1 liter can

Formulated to meet the stringent requirements of high performance Ford engines and those that require API SJ, ILSAC GF-2 or ACEA A1 / B1 specifications.


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Shell Helix HX7 Professional AF is designed to meet the stringent requirements of Ford high performance engines. Compared to general and general purpose lubricants, Shell Helix HX7 Professional AF is expressly formulated for the specific needs of Ford vehicles.


  • Shell and Ford cooperate locally in many countries and Shell is Ford's main supplier in India and the United States.
  • Shell also supplies lubricants to Ford workshops worldwide

Performance, Features & Benefits

Fuel savings

It passes the ACEA MB M111FE test (CEC-L-54-T-96) with a 2.5% minimum improvement in fuel economy. Pass the ASTM Sequence VIA test (ASTM D6891) with a minimum improvement of 1.3% and the ASTM Sequence VIB test (ASTM D6837) required by ILSAC GF-3.

Engine wear and durability

Passes the abrasion resistance test of the Peugeot TU3M valve control system (CEC-L-038-A-94). Pass the ASTM rust ball test (ASTM D6557). Exceeds the corrosion test of ASTM VIII bearings (ASTM D6709). Exceeds the OM602A test for wear, stability and oil consumption.

Engine cleaning

Pass the high temperature deposit test, bonding of piston rings and thickening of Peugeot TU3M oil (CEC-L-38-A-94). Exceeds oxidative stability requirements (ASTM Sequence IIIE double length; or IIIF, ASTM D7320). It passes the ASTM Sequence VE test (ASTM D5302), or VG (ASTM D6593) plus VAT (ASTM D6891), low temperature sludge requirements and valve control wear. Passes the bonding test of piston rings and piston cleaning (CEC-L-46-T-93). Pass the MB M111 deposit test.

Control of carbon residues

It passes the DV4TD test of intermediate temperature dispersion (CEC-L-56-T-98).

Main applications

Shell Helix HX7 Professional AF for diesel and petrol engines is approved according to strict Ford WSS-M2C-913 A / B specifications. ·

Technical specifications, approvals and recommendations.

  • API SJ
  • ACEA A1 / B1
  • ILSAC GF-2
  • Ford WSS-M2C-913 A & WSS-M2C-913 B

Attached Technical Sheet

Tipo Lubrifciante
Synthetic motor oil


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