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The flywheel is a metal disk with teeth, it is installed on the crankshaft near the transmission: the clutch is mounted on it.
The flywheel can be of two types:

Flywheel Monomassa :

It's simpler and more robust, and it's made up of a single hard drive

Dual-mass flywheel :

The presence of ever smaller and more powerful engines has created problems of vibrations and noise of the engine. To solve these problems, the Bimassa flywheel was born . The weight of the dual-mass flywheel is similar to that of the single-mass but divided into two elements. A second coaxial disk is added to the disk coupled strictly to the engine, connected to the first through a system of springs immersed in the grease that allow the two elements to move partially even in the opposite direction.

How the flywheel works

Its task is to balance the rotation of the crankshaft. It has a weight according to some characteristics of the engine, in particular the number of cylinders, in addition its weight increases as a function of the cylinder capacity of the car and the motirce torque. auto is in motion opposes the variation of the angular speed of the crankshaft (standardizing it), reducing accelerations and decelerations. As the number of cylinders increases, the regularity of the engine improves and therefore the flywheel can be lighter.

What is the flywheel for?

As we have said, there are two different types of flywheel: single mass or double mass. Regardless of the type, its function is always to increase the moment of inertia of the motor shaft to which it is applied, accumulating energy and therefore to make its angular speed as uniform as possible. This improves the operation of the engine. Furthermore, the presence of the flywheel allows to harmonize the kinematic chain, damping vibrations and making the intervention of the clutch disc softer and more fluid.

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