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Fuel Filter

The main task of carburettor filters is to protect the engine's fuel system by retaining all the impurities that may be present in the fuel.

A filtered and impurity-free fuel increases engine performance and extends engine life

There are differences in the application of petrol and diesel fuel filters:

  • Gasoline fuel filters   they are always positioned between the fuel pump and the injectors and hold all the particles larger than 8 microns. For cars with an electronic fuel injection system, the fuel filter must withstand pressures of 6 bar and have a higher filtration threshold between 2 and 5 microns.
  • The diesel fuel filters in addition to eliminating the impurities present in the diesel fuel must ensure the separation of any amount of water   increasingly present with the use of diesel fuel with the presence of biodiesel.

Mann Filter WK 6030 Fuel Filter
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